Introduction to PST


Department of Polymer Science and Technology, with its MSc and PhD programs; accepts all university graduates being irrespective of their origins.


Although the program is open to all university graduates, so far, the flux of students obtained are from Metallurgical and Chemical Engineering followed by Chemistry graduates. In the program; the Principle of Science of polymers as well as various aspects of Polymer Technology are stressed. Hence university graduates with different backgrounds, after having the basics of Polymer Science and Technology, are believed to be very helpful and most successful in understanding and attacking at the polymers, as well as in R&D improvement studies; for all polymer related studies (i.e. plastics, rubbers, elastomers and fibers). This is proved also by the job positions our graduates are getting: They are very successful in industry.


After successful graduation from the program, MSc or PhD diploma is being granted (on the diploma, it is stated that; it is being granted from the Department of Polymer Science and Technology) without further specifying MSc or PhD in Engineering or Chemistry. Hence, due to the interdisciplinary characteristics of the department, a unique diploma is granted.


The program leading to the number of MSc in “Polymer Science and Technology” consists at least four semesters. Candidates should have a BSc and must obtain the consent of the head of the PST program. Prior to the submission of the PST thesis, students are required to complete the program outlined in the following pages.


PST program is interdisciplinary because, the topic in highly interdisciplinary field by its very nature. New polymers and polymeric materials can only be developed by the combined effort of chemists, physicists and engineers. Hence PST program is open to the graduates of all departments, mainly by Departments of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Metallurgical and Material Engineering.


Upon successful completion of the program, you will be given a “MSc Diploma in PST” which will be a MSc Diploma in Engineering if your BSc in engineering; or MSc Diploma in Science if your BSc Diploma in science. PST Diploma is unique and it is given for the first time in Turkey.


Every semester a limited number of students are accepted to the program from available disciplines and selection is done by a committee by considering the results of the general evaluation and undergraduate status of students